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"this site blows, atu2 should be ashamed having a link to it" -- Dan

"I seriously love the site!! Great idea" -- Sue

"You people are just plain crazy! But that's why we love you." -- Katryn Conlin

"Fun idea" -- Mike Caito

"Great idea for a website!" -- B Smerdon

"Discovering bonodrumming.com was like taking a drink of fresh water after walking miles through a lonely desert. And deserts are all we have here." -- Bayo Mariama, Mount Koussi, Africa

"Spending time on bonodrumming.com makes me forget the troubles. It really is love and peace or else, ain't it?" -- Seamus Fitzsimmons, Belfast, Ireland

"The quality of the photos, the amazing angles in which Bono is displayed - I really can't say enough about this site. Its impact is obviously rippling through the U2 community and will continue to spread until the world realizes its importance." -- Johnson Endicott, Manhattan, USA

"Watching Bono drum on your web site gets me so misty-eyed. The resemblance to our hero Jackie Chan is uncanny. Thank you so, so much for your celebration of our culture!" -- Shen Wong, Guangdong Province, Hong Kong

"In my local area, our main concern is chasing out feral cats and preserving the dying species of squirrel gliders. When my daughter first saw bonodrumming.com, she had the idea of selling headbands, just like the ones Bono wears, as a fundraiser for our causes. They sold like hotcakes! With the profits, the NSW Department of Environment and Conservation has been able to rapidly breed more squirrels and kill scores of feral cats." -- Lachlan Halloran, Wagga Wagga, Australia

"I walk 8 miles each direction to get to a computer so I can see the pictures on bonodrumming.com. Glimpses of the developed world are so few and far between, we are so lucky to be able to see how other tribes worship." -- Merrigan Gentry, Appalachia, USA

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